Violence and Psychiatric Drugs: Hope or Horror?

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This webinar will explore the relationship between psychiatric drugs and acts of violence at a time when what is trending, sadly, includes nearly weekly reports, discussions, and mourning about mass shootings. The presenters in this webinar will address a lingering and vital concern about this dangerous liaison between psychiatric drugs and violence that has researchers and clinicians from opposing camps disseminating information to the pub
...Read morelic in two opposing directions: Take these medications to manage moods so as to prevent violence and don’t take these medications or you could become violent. Less...

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss expanded research on the relationship between violence and psychiatric drugs that challenges a medical modeled view that is more familiar to the public mindset.
  • Identify the clinical implications of how medication is viewed and utilized and gain an expanded knowledge of options of addressing these matters with individuals, families and in public dialogue.
  • identify further questions and research needed on the topic as raised by current and regular acts of mass shootings and other expressions of violence in relation to psychiatric drug use.

Friday, April 28, 2023

Live Interactive Webinar

02:00 PM CDT - 04:00 PM CDT

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